Zion Williamson Weight Loss – How He Dropped Pounds (Latest)

Zion Williamson Weight Loss Journey – How He Dropped the Pounds. If you have been in the sports world lately, you are aware of the newest basketball sensation to hit the scene, Zion Williamson.

He has been dominating all over college basketball and has even had some incredible moments in the pros already with his new team, New Orleans Pelicans.

But as soon as he stepped on the court, people began to take notice of his physique. It differs greatly from what most people expected from an NBA athlete. After all, we are talking about 6 foot 6 inches (or taller) guys here.

Zion Williamson has had no problem dominating the competition on the court. But he did need some help in terms of his diet and getting down to playing weight.

He learned how to drop the pounds at Duke University by following this Zion Williamson weight loss journey.

In this blog post, we will explore Zion Williamson’s weight loss journey. We will discuss how he lost weight and what it took to finally drop pounds.

Who is Zion Williamson?

Zion Williamson is a 19-year-old professional basketball player who has had a tremendous amount of success on the court.

In his first season at Duke University, Zion averaged 22.6 points per game and 8.9 rebounds per game.

His athleticism, size, and skill level make him one of the most coveted players in next year’s NBA draft.

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However, Zion has always been prone to injury due to his size and playing style.

But now that he is 19 years old and preparing for the draft, he knows it’s time to take care of himself so that he can live up to his potential as a pro athlete.

So far this off-season, he has lost 20 pounds (going from 300 pounds down to 280) through a variety of diet changes and workouts with personal trainer Drew Hanlen.

Zion Williamson weight loss journey: His 3 Fitness Steps

Zion Williamson has been working hard to lose weight. His journey started when he committed to losing 20 pounds in 10 weeks. Recently, he shared his 3 fitness steps:

You can’t be at your best on game day if you are not in shape“, Zion said. I have got a lot of weight to lose and I’m only halfway there.

The first thing is being consistent“, he said. It is a grind. That means eating well (most of the time) and staying active. It takes dedication to keep it up, but Zion says it will pay off in the long run.

So what does that look like? The 21-year-old power forward shared that he runs outside twice per week, doing sprints or intervals. On most days, he will go for a swim as well as some sort of upper body work out like TRX suspension training or push-ups.

The third step is taking care of himself mentally by doing things he loves. These include playing video games with friends and watching cartoons with them. Mentally, do wonders, Zion said.

Zion Williamson weight loss Diet

Zion Williamson’s weight loss journey is a good example of how it doesn’t matter what size you are. You can still make changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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The Zion Williamson weight loss diet is based on his workout regimen and healthy eating habits.

It is also based on what he eats before and after a game, as well as how much he works out.

Williamson says that he feels better than ever, and his improved diet has helped him to lose weight without depriving himself of anything.

The Zion Williamson weight loss journey also includes other things like getting more sleep, avoiding alcohol, and making smarter food choices.

Williamson does not drink soda or sugary beverages before games and limits sugar intake during the weekdays so he can eat candy during the weekends when it is a special occasion.

He makes sure to hydrate after games by drinking water in addition to Gatorade which is offered at all timeouts.

He also drinks a lot of fruit smoothies and protein shakes during the week to keep up with his nutrition. To build muscle, Williamson adds creatine into his shake everyday. When trying to trim down, he removes fat from ground meat and cuts back on salt.

Zion Williamson Weight Loss Transformation

The following FAQs will help you understand Zion Williamson’s weight loss journey and how he dropped the pounds.

First, what were some of the reasons why Zion wanted to lose weight?

  • The initial reason was to improve his game by reducing the strain on his joints that would result from carrying around excess body fat
  • A second reason was because of high expectations placed on him by coaches and scouts in which they wanted him to improve his conditioning level so he could compete at a higher level during games or practices with less fatigue.
  • A third reason is to be an inspiration for children who are looking up to Zion for guidance as he enters into adulthood.
  • Lastly, it is very possible that Zion wanted to lose weight for personal reasons, such as health and fitness related issues or psychological factors.
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With these reasons stated, below are some frequently asked questions that many people might have about Zion Williamson’s weight loss journey:

1. Is it unhealthy for someone like Zion to lose too much weight?

– NO

2. What does a healthy lifestyle entail for someone like Zion?

– Dieting through food choices and exercise.

3. Was there any special diet plan created specifically for Zion?

– NO

4. Will Zion return to his original weight after he graduates from Duke?

– It is likely

5. Will Zion continue working out and eating well when he leaves Duke?

– Yes

6. How long did it take for Zion Williamson to lose weight?

– About nine months

7. Is losing weight something that can always happen naturally?

– NO.

Final Words:

In order to maintain a healthy weight, one should work out regularly while focusing on better nutrition habits and eating more whole foods over processed items.

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