Kevin Gates Weight Loss Journey: How He Went from 340 Pounds to…

Kevin Gates Weight Loss Journey: Kevin Gates’s weight loss journey has inspired many other people to commit to making similar changes in their lives, and it’s easy to see why.

He struggled with his weight for years, even being ridiculed about it at school, and he finally decided that enough was enough when he reached 340 pounds.

With a new outlook on life, he began the process of losing over 100 pounds in just one year, showing that it’s never too late to get healthy!

Who is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Jerome Gilyard, more famously known by his stage name Kevin Gates, is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. He is currently signed to Bread Winners’ Association with a partnership with Atlantic Records.

Kevin Gates is best known as an American rapper and he is also 35 years old with 2 studio albums. As an example, the rapper has established a career as an artist.

In 2019, the rapper experienced a full-fledged weight loss transformation. This change has made many of his fans curious about how he accomplished it. Not surprisingly, his appearance has never been an issue.

The shocking reason why, is both shocking and amusing. I want to discuss this right now, but first you need to read more to understand how this singer lost a tremendous amount of weight.

You all may have noticed that he’s been in and out of jail over the years, but there are many details of his past which we all still don’t know. Unfortunately, for now, Gates is totally unrecognizable in contrast to before. He is at his best, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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Anyway, how did this transformation happen? It’s quite a long story.

In summary, Kevin began making positive changes to his life following the release of his album, Islah. We may not be able to observe the more internal and intangible changes, but we can still feel them.

Kevin Gates Weight loss

Significantly, Kevin Gates has lost about 95 pounds. Originally, he weighed 315 pounds. What event compelled the rapper to shed some pounds?

What are the reasons for his weight loss? The singer details an embarrassing incident where his friend’s baby was attempting to suck his breast milk at Men’s Health.

That he does this only because his breasts are large enough to be mistaken for a female and, furthermore, Gates has a shirt off and is holding his friend Patna’s baby.

This incident caused the rapper to realize how fat he was and to subsequently lose weight.

Kevin Diet Plan for weight loss

Furthermore, the American singer has decided to join the gym. Furthermore, this was the most hurtful and embarrassing thing that ever happened to him. D.aniiiel eagerly posted a question online about how Kevin became so skinny.

He was looking for tips. Kevin simply responded with the word commitment when asked about it.
The entrepreneur discusses his quest to live a healthy lifestyle.

He, however, doesn’t explicitly admit to being healthy.

How did the hip-hop star lose weight? Apparently he woke up at 2 am and would go do push-ups, pull-ups, and weight training with his celebrity weightlifting group.

On top of everything else, the American celebrity also meditates. Yoga was included in his routine and he loved it.

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However, the artist is not pleased with yoga due to its traditional feminine qualities. This will probably not make his weight come off, given that his body is on the verge of failing to function.

In other words, it includes his new diet.

Kevin’s Workout Plan

When the interviewer asked him, You’ve come a long way in your journey. How did you pull yourself through the whole journey?, Kevin answered, I wanted more for myself.

I got tired of being the fat guy in the room. I got tired of being the fat slob.

Gates sought out discipline, which he did by creating his own personal gym and exercising an hour a day in it. Kevin likes to listen to music while working out, so he’s created a playlist of his favorite workout songs.

Before & After Weight Loss

A strict diet and one hour of working out a day is what has contributed to Kevin’s losing 95 pounds. Kevin’s current weight is 215 pounds, as opposed to his old weight of 310 pounds.

Also in America, a famous rapper and hip-hop star, Busta Rhymes, has also lost 100 pounds. Check out his tips for doing so.

On a final note:

Losing weight doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing process. Remember, there are lots of ways you can shed pounds—both fast and slow. Take your time, understand what works for you, and enjoy your journey.

Thank you for reading. Remember, if you have any questions about your weight loss journey, feel free to comment below. We’d love to help you get started on your healthy lifestyle journey!

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