Jorge Garcia’s weight loss Workout, Diet, Before & After 2023

Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey started back in 2013, when he was cast in the new role of Hurley on ABC’s hit series Lost.

Prior to that, Garcia had been best known for his role as Miami police officer Julio Sanchez on The George Lopez Show, but with the help of gastric sleeve surgery, he lost more than 90 pounds, and has been able to keep it off since 2014.

Here are the steps he took to get there.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Jorge Garcia: he played “cursed” lottery winner Hugo “Harley” Race. Even though you look lost, you may have seen Jorge Garcia and his curly atheist hair on your screen.

Outside of his acting career, Garcia has steadily made headlines due to his fluctuating weight. Some reports claim he lost more than £100 but has since regained it. This is the real story of Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey.

Though he usually gets criticized, this actor is still an incredible actor. It is unknown what effect, if any, the hurtful comments have had on his mental health in the past.

When Jorge Garcia’s career began to take off, and with it his weight, it became a point of concern for both his fans and family. At that point, there were rumors that he was 400 pounds.

That said, he has successfully lost about 100 pounds, or 45 kilograms, of weight after embarking on a weight loss journey known as Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey.

Who is Jorge Garcia?

Jorge Garcia is an American comedian and actor best known for his breakout role as Hurley on the TV series Lost. This TV show aired for six years and Jorge Garcia was in all 108 episodes that aired from 2004 to 2010.

From then on, Jorge’s trademark hair and appearances in Hawaii Five-O, Becker, The Ridiculous Six, and Nobody Knows I’m Here made him a transitioning comedian to Hollywood.

Having graduated from high school from San Clemente High School, Jorge eventually went on to graduate from UCLA, ranked among the top universities in the United States.

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Despite displaying a rotund physique, Jorge Garcia has not had a negative impact on his career and popularity, impressing fans with his clever acting.

Among the best comedians in American television, George was born on April 28, 1973, in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Gradually, he began acting in films and serials.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey in 2023

As a result of his weight loss, Jorge Garcia has been described in the media as “the greatest member of the Lost Cast” for many years, something that has become a major concern for him as well as for his friends, family, and co-stars.

Changing his daily habits will help him avoid health problems like diabetes and a healthy lifestyle.

In today’s media, we see what celebrities need to look perfect and fit, but some people don’t really care, like Jorge Garcia. That’s why he lost weight.

Under typical circumstances, Hawaii Five-0 and the missing star are healthy, but he struggled with an addiction to food, which led to him gaining over 400 pounds, just like 181 kilograms. A recent article published by the Daily Hawker states.

How did Jorge Garcia Lose Weight?

After being asked to cut a few pounds for his role in Lost, 47-year-old Jorge Garcia changed his eating habits, lost the weight, and became a star in the process.

We fully respect Jorge Garcia for his appearance on Hawaii Five-0 and for his upcoming documentary on weight loss!

A 47-year-old actor, he has been in constant demand since his appearance on television and he is losing weight before facing health problems,

But has become a role model for people who have lost weight in the past few days. The decades that he has been around for is something that his fans find inspiring.

And although he was one of the most beloved characters on the show, Jorge Garcia’s journey continued to be a topic of discussion among the audience at home and in publishing.

For example, the second season of the Chicago Tribune ran a story, The biggest ‘lost’ mystery: Why is Hurley so fat?

In spite of any negative comments people might have made about his size, he has still managed to work, being an actor for the big and small screens.

He had a gig on the silver screen playing the role of Dr. Diego Soto in Anthony the Giant, Alcatraz, and has made appearances in two episodes on the popular show California.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Diet Plan

In spite of the fact that it can be difficult to change eating habits from one day to the next, as Jorge Garcia discovered after some unsuccessful attempts, once this routine has been adapted to, changes can be easier than you would imagine.

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Jorge Garcia, author of The Daily Hawker’s weight loss tips, said the actor, who starred in the movie Baker, switched from oily foods to fruits and vegetables, slowly transitioning into a low-carb and high-protein diet.

Jorge Garcia combined his weight training regimen with a simple workout routine, the effectiveness of which was witnessed first-hand. Eating a high-protein diet without any carbs can cause a person to lose fat more quickly.

In the absence of carbohydrates, our body breaks down protein and fat to produce energy. Weight exercises, and some easy breathing techniques, comprised George’s workout routine for Jorge Garcia’s weight loss plan.

It’s evident from the obese actor’s ordeal that overeating and drinking will never be conducive to shedding pounds.

His diet tips:

Everyday, he drinks about 8 to 10 glasses of water.

He has ceased consuming alcoholic beverages.

Takes measures to avoid high-calorie foods such as butter, cheese, drinks, and potatoes.

He needs to start eating more fruits because they are high in nutrients.

Weekly Diet

As for Monday, he prefers to eat fruits on this day of the week that are both nutritious and helpful in weight loss.

Tuesday: He prefers raw or boiled vegetables on Tuesdays as a vegetarian.

On Wednesdays, he eats a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Tonight, you should have six to eight bananas and four glasses of milk.

On Fridays, he relaxes his standards and eats tomatoes with healthy fish and chicken, or brown rice.

Saturday: Like on Friday, he eats a lot of chicken and fish, as well as cooked or raw vegetables. If you are trying to lose weight, you should try chicken because it is a high source of lean protein.

His recovery day would consist of fresh juice made from fruits, vegetables, and brown rice.

How Much Does Jorge Garcia Weight?

Jorge Garcia has lost 100 pounds of excess weight, shrinking down to around 300 pounds (136 kilograms). He credits this to a healthier diet and exercising. However, the actor weighed around 181 kilograms / 400 pounds in the past.

For comparison, he is 183 cm tall, but her BMI is 40.6, which is over the Obese category of BMI.

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While still being obese, Jorge Garcia appears to be slimmer than before. Before Jorge Garcia started his successful weight loss journey, he was 54.0 m / kg2.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Workout Routine

In his weight loss journey, the comedian has worked with a couple of personal trainers and together they have been able to create a regular exercise routine for him.

The exercises he did included arm wrestling, pushups, and low-intensity exercises such as walking and jogging. In addition, Jorge gave up smoking and drinking in the quest to become healthier.

Jorge Garcia has never commented on how much he has actually lost, but many have estimated that he has lost about 100 pounds.

Losing 100 pounds is difficult for some, which fueled the rumors that the actor had gastric bypass surgery to help him lose weight. There is no evidence to support this claim, and the actor has denied it.

Although everyone says how easy it is to lose weight, there is always a big secret you have been missing!

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Before After Pictures

It’s not always easy to lose weight, especially if you are obese. Jorgie Garcia has experienced the same struggles. However, he lost 100 pounds with perseverance and healthy living.

Weight Loss Tips By Jorge Garcia

Water should be consumed eight to ten times a day.

  • Train every day.
  • You should be conscious of what you eat in the right amount.
  • Fibers and fruits are always better than soda and candy.
  • Reduce your intake of greasy foods and eat more vegetables.
  • Reduce your consumption of carbohydrates and processed foods.
  • It is not possible to lose weight if you drink and smoke.

Losing weight isn’t easy, but having the right kind of support from family and friends will go a long way toward making it easier.


How old is Jorge Garcia?

He is 49 years old.

Who is Jorge Garcia wife?

His wife name is Rebecca Birdsall, a well known voice actor,comedian.

What is Jorge Garcia latest weight After weight loss ?

His weight is around 300lbs.

Final words

Jorge Garcia has always been a big guy. But when he starred on the hit show Lost, he became a household name—and not just for his acting chops.

People all over the world tuned in week after week to watch Jorge’s character, Hurley, eat cheeseburgers and crack jokes.

The secret? Well it turns out that there really wasn’t one!

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