James Gregory Weight Loss Journey: He Lose 15 Pounds 2023

James Gregory Weight Loss Journey: How Did he Lose 15 Pounds. 76-years old James Gregory’s weight loss journey began when his doctor told him he needed to lose some weight if he wanted to avoid getting high blood pressure and diabetes.

At first he tried starving himself and working out, but as he got more desperate, he turned to taking diet pills and skipping meals.

This led to severe health problems and James was hospitalized multiple times. It took him six months to lose 15 pounds but with a new diet and lifestyle changes, he is now healthier than ever.

A lot of people are looking for tips on how to lose weight and keep it off, but few know about the struggles behind James Gregory’s weight loss journey.

He lost 15 pounds in the lockdown 2020, and he gives all the details about what helped him succeed in this article.

His journey has made him realize that losing weight is not impossible and you have to stay dedicated to your goal and be determined to achieve it.

Who is James Gregory?

James Gregory is an American stand-up comedian, who has been a long time favorite of audiences across the country.

In the years he has been touring, James has produced two stand-up comedy specials for Comedy Central and starred in two seasons of NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

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He is Known as one of the funniest stand-up comedians in America. James has entertained audiences all over with his high energy, storytelling style that never lets up.

With a resume that includes appearances on The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Conan, it is no wonder why this American stand-up comedian is a legend and loved ones in the United States.

James Gregory weight loss journey

James Gregory has been a fan favorite for years, and for good reason. His weight loss journey has transformed the way he sees his body, himself, and his career.

It was rumored that he dropped about 15 pounds of weight during the COVID pandamic, he lost 15 pound.

James has always been overweight for a long time. Being 74 years of age, he looks very obese. And due to being obese, he had a stroke twice. But during the pandemic, he shredded a significant amount of weight.

James is a very private man and he does not like to share his private life with his fans. When asked in an interview about his weight loss journey, he did not disclose anything.

The anchor enquired. ‘What made you do that? Have you worked out lately?’, James made a sarcastic comment by saying ‘he gets a bigger shirt to cover up his weight‘.

But according to some unknown sources, James Gregory has already shared his weight loss journey.

James found that in order to lose weight while incarcerated, he had to give up all of his food except an apple each day and two cups of water.

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After the COVID was over, it took him six weeks to get back on track. He now eats five smaller meals a day instead of three larger ones and tries to avoid drinking soda or eating sweets.

In his experience, being mindful about what you are putting into your mouth is key when trying to make changes.

James Gregory Weight Loss Diet Plan

James Gregory’s weight loss journey began with a drastic change to his diet. After a year of steady weight gain, he turned to the ketogenic diet, which consists primarily of protein and fat and limits carbs to about 20 grams per day.

His plan was simple during the pandamic- Eat meat, eggs, coconut oil, cheese, green vegetables (no starchy veggies), and small amounts of fruit.

No breads, pastas or sugars of any kind. The first couple of weeks were hard as he adjusted to eating foods like cauliflower rice instead of his beloved mashed potatoes but soon enough it became second nature.

Within two months, he had lost 6 pounds and maintained that weight for months thereafter.

In fact, the only time James had experienced true hunger in recent memory was during those first two weeks when his body was adjusting to its new fuel source.

James Gregory workout and other diet plans

James Gregory created a workout plan that has gotten him to lose almost 15 pounds in the lockdown. His workout plan is as follows:

  • Do 12 minutes of cardio per day.
  • Do two weight training workouts per week.
  • Take a break every other day, alternating between cardio and weight training on the days you don’t take a break.
  • Track your calories consumed daily.
  • Set goals for yourself and reward yourself when you reach them.
  • Watch your diet, which includes watching out for sugar alcohols (usually found in sugar-free products), artificial sweeteners, and refined carbohydrates.
  • Only eat three meals per day and do not skip breakfast.
  • Get plenty of sleep every night.
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Final words

In the end, James was able to lose weight and improve his health by making small changes over time.

By filling out a food journal each day and cutting back on carbs, he was able to gradually change his lifestyle for the better. His final words of advice are just start. It’s never too late to get healthy. Weight loss is possible with little effort and few sacrifices if you put your mind to it.

It doesn’t matter if you have suffered a stroke in the past. But you can avoid it to happen again and live a healthy life.

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