How Page Kennedy Weight Loss and Became a Social Media Star

Discover how Page Kennedy successfully used The Smoothie Diet to lose 100 pounds and become an internet star, then learn how you can do the same!

Page Kennedy is an accomplished actress, rapper and comedian best known for appearing in numerous TV shows and movies including Weeds, Blue Mountain State, Rush Hour and The Meg.

He has amassed millions of fans across Vine, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram through his hilarious sketches, parodies and rap battles on these platforms.

However, what many may not realize is that Page Kennedy used to be overweight and unhappy in his body and life. From childhood onwards he struggled with his weight, leading him down a path towards despair. By coming to Los Angeles to become an actor it created an enormous change for Page.

He decided to undergo weight-loss surgery, changed what and how he ate, and worked tirelessly toward reaching his goals. Within just one year he managed to shed over 100 pounds while simultaneously improving both his physical body and mind.

Page Kennedy found confidence, became more active, positive and upbeat; his words also gave many hope. We will explore his journey of losing 100 pounds while becoming a social media celebrity in this article.

Page Kennedy’s early life and history.

Page Kennedy was born in Detroit, Michigan, on November 23, 1976. Growing up was difficult due to an unstable home environment – his mother used drugs and eventually abandoned her son on the streets when he was six.

Page’s father was both a doctor and drug dealer; although he could be harsh and mean at times, he also taught him how to rap and encouraged him to follow his dreams. Over time, Page became interested in hip-hop poetry as a means of self-expression and dealing with life around him.

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Since childhood, Page has struggled with his weight. He endured bullying due to being overweight and used food as an escape. Although he tried various meals and workout plans without success, nothing seemed to help his condition.

He didn’t feel great about himself or his body, and had several health issues such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and diabetes.

Page was determined to make changes in his life and move to Los Angeles in pursuit of acting. He realized he needed to lose weight for both health and career reasons – his aim being becoming an actress who could do different roles with ease while remaining confident of herself – as well as want his story to inspire other people.

Page Kennedy Weight Loss Journey

Page underwent gastric sleeve surgery in 2012 to help him shed excess weight, with it decreasing by 80% the size of his stomach. He made other lifestyle adjustments too – changing what they ate while attending gym every day; for instance consuming low-carb, high-protein diet while sipping on shakes to stay nourished and hydrated throughout his daily workouts.

He also engaged in weightlifting and cardio exercises such as running, cycling and boxing to develop both his muscle mass and power.

He posted motivational videos in which he instructed others on how to stay healthy and shed excess pounds, with before-and-after pictures that demonstrated that he shed over 100 pounds within one year.

Page’s weight loss transformed not only his body, but also his mind and heart. She found it made him happy, more energetic, more confident and upbeat; as well as learning to love himself more – something which helped other people do the same!

He wanted to set an example for others who are struggling with weight or self-esteem issues and prove they could overcome them through hard work, dedication and resilience.

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How Page Kennedy did on social media.

Page’s journey to lose weight also helped him become more popular on social media, drawing in new followers to follow him, view his videos, like them and comment. Furthermore, his writings became more artistic and varied over time.

Starting in 2007, he has engaged in more sketches, parodies, rap fights, challenges, pranks, reactions and projects with other famous people as well as making music videos showcasing his rapping ability.

Page’s success on social media opened doors for him to work in entertainment – such as landing roles like DJ in The Meg.

He released more albums and songs, such as Straight Bars – featuring classic hip-hop beats – as well as receiving awards such as the Streamy Award for Best Ensemble Cast in Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland.

Page Kennedy serves as an excellent example of how losing weight can transform one’s life. He shows how one can rise above obstacles to reach their goals; how pain can turn into strength while making dreams a reality.


How much weight has Page Kennedy shed since beginning her diet plan?

Page Kennedy successfully lost over 100 pounds within one year.

What weight-loss surgery did Page Kennedy require in order to shed pounds?

A: Page Kennedy underwent gastric sleeve surgery, which shrunk his gut by 80%.

What type of eating plan did Page Kennedy follow?

A: Page Kennedy followed a low-carb, high-protein diet and consumed daily smoothies as part of his regimen to stay hydrated and obtain essential ingredients.

What physical activities did Page Kennedy participate in?

A: Page Kennedy engaged in cardio workouts such as running, cycling and boxing to increase cardio fitness and build muscle. He also used weight lifting exercises to strengthen himself and increase muscle growth.

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How did Page Kennedy consume her smoothies?

A: Page Kennedy enjoyed smoothies that contained fruits, veggies, proteins and healthy fats to aid his weight loss plan. He found his recipes and plan in the book The Smoothie Diet: 21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program.

Page Kennedy is a well-known actress, rapper and comedian who has appeared in countless films and TV series. Additionally, he’s become well-known on platforms such as Vine, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram where his popularity is legendary – with millions of fans following him there alone!

His comedic sketches, parodies, and rap fights have propelled him to fame; however, many may be unaware that behind this success and fame lies a story of hardship and hard work.

Page Kennedy used to be overweight and unhappy in life. Since he was a child, he had struggled with his weight – something which only compounded as he aged. Additionally, Page had many other challenges in his adulthood which complicated matters further.

He made significant life changes when he moved to Los Angeles to try his luck at acting, including having weight-loss surgery and making changes in diet and lifestyle that enabled him to reach his goals more quickly.

Within one year, he shed over 100 pounds, changing both his body and mind in remarkable fashion. As his weight dropped off, so too did his self-assurance, upbeat outlook, and effective approaches to tasks. His story and words gave many hope.

If you want to follow in Page Kennedy’s footsteps and experience weight loss safely and effectively, perhaps the HCG diet might be right for you.

Smoothie Diet: 21 Day Fast Weight Loss Solution.

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