How Ben Napier Lost Weight and Transformed His Body in 2023

If you want to know about Ben Napier weight loss in 2022 you are the right place. In the season’s recent season, Napier was no longer the show’s Big Ben, as he had previously been.

Because he has lost 55 pounds over the past few months. Yes, you read that right. Ben has lost weight and looks much different now.

Please read this article to know how ‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier Shows Off 55-Pound Weight Loss, sculpted his physique, and improved his health by following an intense exercise and healthy eating plan.

Who is Ben Napier?

He became more well-known after he appeared in the HGTV reality show Home Town which aired on September 24, 1983. Ben and Erin Napier, the protagonists’ husband and wife, are the show’s central focus. In addition, he is known for his charitable work.

Since their hit show aired on HGTV in 2016, Erin Napier and Ben Napier have shared so many aspects of their lives with fans.

They are also proud parents to Helen and Mae, whom they have prioritized during their stardom journey. His weight loss transformation was also an inspiring journey for Ben.

During their Home Town adventure, the couple found out Erin was pregnant. Their eldest daughter, Helen, was born in January 2018.

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According to People, the former youth minister had weighed around 335 pounds at the time Helen was born.

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Ben Napier Weight Loss Journey in 2023

The majority of Napier’s fans were taken aback by the performance of Big Ben in the most recent episode of Home Town.

It wasn’t as impressive as it had previously been. He has lost a total of 55 pounds during this period. You understood it correctly.

Ben has made significant changes, including losing a significant amount of weight.

Fans who are accustomed to seeing a huge Ben were taken aback by his weight loss, improved health, and increased speed.

People were concerned about his health and wondered if he was battling any disease. What exactly was the reason for this?

Why did Ben Lose 55 Pounds?

When Napier realized that his weight was becoming increasingly problematic, he decided to go on a diet.

He had a poor relationship with food and had neglected to pay attention to his weight, so he put on significant weight.

However, none of this was even a primary concern at this point.
Bringing Helen home and experiencing those first few weeks with her, and seeing how fast things change with children,

Ben described that as the main reason for his huge weight loss.
Ben said, “She was different every day, and I want to be able to witness all of her life.

I want to live long so I can be there for Erin and Helen.” Ben was concerned for his health but he was also concerned about his family’s welfare.

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How did Ben lose weight?

He became healthier after making significant dietary changes to lose weight. He lost weight by changing the way he ate.

By switching to this diet, Napier reduced his daily calorie intake from 3000 to 2000 and exercised more. As an athlete, he participated in a variety of sports, including marathons and basketball.

He also did intermittent fasting a couple of days a week, which greatly helped his weight loss. “I don’t get bored playing basketball, and could play for hours, if I had the time,” he told People.

As time passed, Napier formed strong habits of restraining himself from eating his favorite foods and focusing on his family completely.

In addition to Erin’s help, Ben’s weight loss journey has improved his health, and he is feeling energized, healthy, and in good shape after losing the weight.

Ben Napier Lost Weight Loss Before After

He used to weigh more than 150 kilograms (more than 300 pounds). That weight loss led him to a present weight of 240 to 245 pounds. Napier stands 6 ft. 6 in. tall.
Sharpton, who hosts a radio show in the UK, stunned his listeners by losing 176 pounds.

FAQs about Ben Napier Weight Loss

Why did Ben Napier lose weight?

Napier started exercising four to five times per week, reduced his carbohydrate intake, and added cardio to his regimen. “Playing basketball never gets old to me, and if I had the time, I would play for hours. On a few days every week, I’ve also practised intermittent fasting,” he added.

Do the napiers drink alcohol?

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I have never consumed alcohol. I don’t mind it, and in fact, I like to hang out with my pals more. from Naiper

Are Erin and Ben Napier still married?

Now 13 years into their marriage.

How much are the napiers worth?

The approximate net worth of Erin and Ben is $5 million.

Final words

In conclusion, Ben Napier’s weight loss journey was a success. He made many changes to his lifestyle, including his diet and exercise routine.

These changes helped him lose weight and transform his body.

He is now in better shape than ever before and is able to enjoy his life more fully. If you are also struggling with obesity, then following in Ben’s footsteps would be a good choice.

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